How to put AT&T U-Verse’s Motorola NVG589 in Bridge Mode!

Thinking about getting an AT&T U-Verse connection for your home or business? Better make sure you get the right router from them! Why? Because some genius at AT&T had the audacity to think that their “basic” modem/router would be good enough for all their customers. This is of course laughable as their routers lack the wattage to push out any real wireless speed, have no directional antenna’s, and aren’t rated for any of the new wireless standards such as “AC” (Some of their routers don’t even have wireless “N”.) They also lack basic wireless security like guest networks, multiple channels, etc. etc. AND I won’t even go into advanced features such as VPN, QOS, and port forwarding.

Bottom line is that you are going to want a “real” wireless router and that means putting the “basic” one you got from AT&T into “Bridge Mode”.

Bridge Mode means turning off all features and using their (AT&T’s) router as nothing more than a “pass though”.

So far, the only router they have that you can do this on is the Motorola NVG589. You will have to ask for it specifically, or you will end up with a router that CAN’T be put in “Bridge Mode”.

Below I have created a document that you can follow to do exactly that.

Oh, and you should also know that AT&T no longer has ANY techs above level 1. They laid them all off and now contract to a support company in India. I’m not going to comment on the quality of that support company other than to tell you to feel free to contact me for a paid support incident after you have finished pulling your hair out dealing with them.

thanks for reading and I hope this document helps!

How to Put the Motorola NVG589 in Bridge Mode by robert3671

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