Welcome to Shofkom’s world of Information Technology! I put this site together for the following reasons;

  1. A reference and knowledge base for Information Technology FAQ’s, specifically for those of us in a system administrator, network engineer, or project manager role. Most of what you will find in this blog will relate to actual real world experiences that I have encountered while working in I.T. for the last 15 years.
  2. A showcase for my personal work ethic, and ways to improve your well being, both mentally and physically, in the roles mentioned above.
  3. A landing place for potential employers, head hunters, and I.T recruiters to review my accomplishments and contact me about potential opportunities in the Information Technology field.
  4. A general information reference point for fellow I.T. workers, and like minded individuals.

It is my goal to make this site both interesting and informative, so take a look around and feel free to comment on what you like. I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together, and remember, this is a work in progress!

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