Crypto Currency Pit Falls – Read up and Learn From My Mistakes!

A lot of folks are making money in crypo currency.  Some by trading it (the same way one would day trade stocks), some buy buying and holding it to sell later (same as investing in stocks), and some by mining it (although the ship as mostly sailed on this one) and then either doing one […]

How to put AT&T U-Verse’s Motorola NVG589 in Bridge Mode!

Thinking about getting an AT&T U-Verse connection for your home or business? Better make sure you get the right router from them! Why? Because some genius at AT&T had the audacity to think that their “basic” modem/router would be good enough for all their customers. This is of course laughable as their routers lack the […]

How to set up OneDrive for business in Office 365

Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) for Business in Office 365. This will become especially useful now that Microsoft has increased the meager 15GB to 1TB for business users. Note that this tutorial shows how to link the existing OneDrive application to the business’s Office 365 SharePoint site […]

Office 365 “The Hard Way”! – What you really need to know about how to migrate your email to the cloud!

If any of you have tried to implement an Office 365 migration one of the first things you will encounter is a complete lack of “decent” documentation from Microsoft.  Especially when it comes to all the “undocumented features” and limitations you will come up against that will have you pulling your hair out by the […]

How to set up Hyper-V Replica for WorkGroup or Non-Domain SMB!

OK folks here’s the scenario:  Got two Hyper-V boxes (either running the stand alone hypervisor, or within the Server 2012 platform) and you want to set up a Disaster Recovery (DR) site.   Maybe if you were like me, and had a few small / medium businesses who’s boxes you were hosting out of your home […]

How to fix, “My Game Will Not Work” Issues!

Many people ask me “what I do for fun”?  Being as I am so into technology… Well the answer is easy.  Gaming! My Steam account is worth well over 3 grand, and I am always trying out new games.  Because of this, I’ve had to do a lot of trouble shooting when it comes to […]

Upgrading WordPress on 1and1 linux host need PHP 5 or higher.

Just upgraded this bog from WordPress 2.8.0 to 3.2.1 (long overdue) and changed the theme so it would render properly in IE9.  I followed the directions in these two posts: Backing up your Database (Using PHP MyAdmin). and Updating WordPress to the latest version. Everything was working fine until i got an error message saying […]

My Recommended #1 piece of software every System Admin needs to have in his arsenal: EaseUS® Todo Backup Technician 2.5

First let me state for the record that I am in no way affiliated with, or receive any monetary compensation for the following review. That out of the way, I wanted to let you guys know about an incredible piece of software that has saved me HOURS, even DAYS of time in the restoration and […]

How to recover your virtual environment using an HP Falconstor CDP and VMWare ESX!

Recently I tasked to create some technical documentation for one of my clients on how to restore and recreate servers replicated to an HP Falconstor CDP. The clients environment consisted of a multi-site virtual environment running on the VMware ESXi 4.1 platform.  Their primary method of off site protection was to use two HP Falconstor […]

Looking for Credential Tiles freezes up Remote Desktop on Acer Machines.

File this under “everyday it’s some new problem with Windows” category.  This past week I have been working with a new Law Firm client setting up their hosted server to run “Needles” a case management database/software.  They are on a Windows 2008 R2 box running “Remote Desktop Services” (formerly “Terminal Server Services”).  I was finishing […]