MAC vs. PC? Put this in your MAC and smoke it! My first experience with a MAC.

    Just recently my wife’s step mother purchased a brand new mac book pro.It ended up in my hands because she wanted me to “boot camp” it or basically have me set up the computer to run Windows 7 on a separate partition so he can run his games and follow his Counter-Strike: Global […]

Fun with Domain Controllers Part 1 – Using the set spn command after a Double-Take failback.

From Microsoft: In Active Directory, the servicePrincipalName (SPN) attribute is a multivalued, nonlinked attribute that is built from the DNS host name. The SPN is used in the process of mutual authentication between the client and the server hosting a particular service. The client finds a computer account based on the SPN of the service […]

Forcing a Time Sync to your Domain Controllers.

Last week immediately following the time shift for “daylight savings” we noticed our Primary Domain Controler (PDC) and our Backup Domain Controler (BDC) had a time difference of greater than 30 mins.  This was not caused by the time shift, but something we discovered while checking to see if our infrastructure had updated the time […]

What to do when the Domain Controller Can’t find its domain!

PROBLEM: Users unable to login to the domain – DCs not replicating RESOLUTION: => Set the RPC Locator service to Automatic and started on the PDC. => Still DCdiag gave errors of 1355. => Ran dcdiag on both PDC and BDC – both showed problems with sysvol and netlogon shares => Checked and found that […]