Office 365 “The Hard Way”! – What you really need to know about how to migrate your email to the cloud!

If any of you have tried to implement an Office 365 migration one of the first things you will encounter is a complete lack of “decent” documentation from Microsoft.  Especially when it comes to all the “undocumented features” and limitations you will come up against that will have you pulling your hair out by the […]

Archive dissappears in file menu of OUTLOOK 2007. Office update KB2412171 damages OUTLOOK 2007!

Microsoft made a major boo boo when it released OFFICE UPDATE KB2412171 through Windows Update on December 14th, 2010. The office update originally designed to fix some issues between Outlook and Exchange ended up BREAKING Outlook 2007 across the board! Some of the issues it caused included: Loss of the Archive and AutoArchive feature. They […]

Cleaning up your Exchange Mail Store!

I was recently tasked with cleaning up an exchange mail store that was nearing the 75 GB limit for the Exchange 2003 server it was being used on.  (In actually, the mail store was 45GB and the public folder store was 26GB putting the total for the store near 71GB.)  The event log indicated that […]