How to set up Hyper-V Replica for WorkGroup or Non-Domain SMB!

OK folks here’s the scenario:  Got two Hyper-V boxes (either running the stand alone hypervisor, or within the Server 2012 platform) and you want to set up a Disaster Recovery (DR) site.   Maybe if you were like me, and had a few small / medium businesses who’s boxes you were hosting out of your home […]

How to recover your virtual environment using an HP Falconstor CDP and VMWare ESX!

Recently I tasked to create some technical documentation for one of my clients on how to restore and recreate servers replicated to an HP Falconstor CDP. The clients environment consisted of a multi-site virtual environment running on the VMware ESXi 4.1 platform.  Their primary method of off site protection was to use two HP Falconstor […]

Fun with Domain Controllers Part 1 – Using the set spn command after a Double-Take failback.

From Microsoft: In Active Directory, the servicePrincipalName (SPN) attribute is a multivalued, nonlinked attribute that is built from the DNS host name. The SPN is used in the process of mutual authentication between the client and the server hosting a particular service. The client finds a computer account based on the SPN of the service […]

Rename a VMDK file in VMware’s ESX server.

A vmdk file is a VMware Virtual Disk file. This is the file used by VMware ESX server that represents a hard drive on a virtual machine. Renaming a vmdk file is not as simple as opening the datastore viewer, right click and rename. No, that would be too easy. To do it, you have […]

Keeping your SAN free of clutter when deleting VM’s in VMWare ESX.

The process for deleting VM’s and removing them from your SAn is quite simple, but what you may not know is that the simple way will leave all kinds of remmants, and orphaned files still sitting on your SAN.  In this post I will detail everything you need to keep your SAN clean and free […]

VMWare ESX Server Admin Tips (What they don’t teach you in class!)

Unless you happen to be the developer, or involved in the code writing process it is rare that you will learn all the “undocumented features” of any given software.  Such is the case for myself and one of the techs I manage involving VMWare’s ESX server product.  The company we work for went completely virtual […]